One of the things about Masonic history that is as amusing as it is frustrating, is that errors on the part of ambitious authors are noticed almost instantly by dilligent brothers at the time they are published, but are then blithely ignored by those who seem determined to accept whatever erroneous perspective on the Craft that is being offered.

Andrew Hammer

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District Grand Lodge of Bombay

Freemasonry is supposed to have come to Bombay in 1758, when a Lodge No.234, whose name is not known, was supposed to have been consecrated. A few years later, in 1764, a Provincial Grand Lodge was formed, with Bro James Todd being appointed the first Provincial Grand Master by Earl Ferrers, the Grand Master.

Address: Freemasons’ Hall, Damodardas Sukhadwala Road, Fort, Mumbai 400 001, India
Located in: India | Blue Lodge
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